Frequently Asked Question

Mann-E is a generative AI platform, specializing in image and photo generation from user's text prompts. We use our own models which are trained on thousands of photos and images from all around the web.

We provide a variety of techniques and styles. We also provide a completely free to use system for you to enjoy. Also, we provide many other features such as generating transparent images!

We assume you're already aware of Dall-E 3, Midjourney , Leonardo AI and even Ideogram. We benchmarked all of them, studied their qualities and features and then, trained a model capable of doing better. We provide a free-to-use platform with ability of creating transparent images!

Yes, you absolutley can!

No! This is a publicly available tool to create art. Since everyone can use the platform, NSFW content generation is totally banned on the platform.

No. Our models are in-house and made by hours spent on gathering data, filtering them and training models!

Yes. You can write prompt in any languages you want!

The model beneath this website is based on Meta's EMU paper. However, there is a community edition which works with Stable Diffusion!

No. But you can check out our other product Vecentor !

Yes, we have a community edition which is a LoRa adapter for SDXL. It is totally open source!

It is published under MIT license!

You can get it here.

No, you have total freedom to use it however you want!